Enthusiast - noun  en·thu·si·ast  \-ˌast, -əst\

A person who is filled with passion for some principle or pursuit.


MyLife is a brand inspired by mountain and ocean culture that creates functional goods for the travel & life enthusiast. Created in 2010 by three friends whose passions spanned from the shores of Block Island to the trails of Aspen, wearing MyLife represented a positive approach to the road ahead. Over time, MyLife has come to reflect a tight-knit community that embodies a common state of mind. You don’t have to be the best skier on the mountain, the best surfer in the lineup, or the top talent on stage. Our team is about inspiring passion, positivity, and never letting any obstacle stand in the way. There is no better time to be alive and achieve your dreams then now. Our mission is to create technical gear and apparel that seamlessly integrates into, and embodies, life’s many adventures. 

Join the movement, create memories, be grateful and above all else: Live Your Story.